The walls went up around us.

I just got home from the home build site and am buzzing inside. I can picture myself in this house now; the walls are up! We had a week of nothing happening… an in-between time when the concrete was poured and ready, but the framer was taking a well-deserved Alaskan vacation. Sergio doesn’t do well with waiting, so he spent his days watering the concrete and spent his nights on Solid Works producing detailed drawings of the interior framing. And of course he worked at his day job somewhere in there. 

Then the framers came and started marking off the concrete to divide it into rooms – and within a few days we had walls. By the end of today, I was able to walk through the rooms and get a good sense of the spaces in each area.  It’s so true that the house feels small when there are no walls, and then multiplies in size once the walls are up.  

It’s nuts to me to think that this real life house started on an app, and that I’m actually walking through the same rooms that I used to simulate walking through while grinding through medical school and residency. I have a clear memory of lying awake in a call room bunk bed, playing with the app on my phone and wondering if this tinkering was all a dumb game to pass the time, or would we actually build this house someday. Today I stood and looked at the front face of the “real” house (pictured above), and pulled out the image of the “app” version of our house (below), and THAT moment is when the excitement all hit me. 

Before leaving the house build site today, I remembered I had a giant sharpie in my car. A friend from work gave me a great idea to write bible verses on the concrete of each room in the house. It will eventually be covered by brick flooring, but this way we will always be reminded that we stayed connected to gratitude and asked for His blessing, even when we were swept up in the excitement of building our own house. 



Citlalli’s Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Paquito’s bedroom

Front door/ living room


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