Concrete poured, credit cards maxed

“Bad news, the first draw on the construction loan is $10,000 less than expected. Our credit cards are maxing out fast. We need to go into super budget mode”. 

“Oh. I’ll take these Churritos back to Walgreens”. 

 Owner-builder-contractor? I forget what the term is when you don’t have a line of credit at each building supply place because you’re not a licensed builder/contractor, so you spend your own money – UNTIL – the bank does their sequential inspections and randomly cuts you checks from your construction loan to save you. Bah!

And now I feel really bad that I went on an Amazon binge last week and bought a cookbook, some compression socks, and colorful replacement bands for my running watch. And energy gels for my long runs. And a fidget spinner. Ugh, I’m a jerk!

On the other hand, I console myself knowing I’m also saving us money by painting all of the decorative tiles myself. Sergio gets to dig trenches, so I thought I could contribute in this way.  I’m thinking we’ll use them in the kitchen backsplash, in the bathrooms and maybe a few other places. These are my “test batch”:

As far as the construction goes, we’ve had some really neat progress this week.  I kept getting excited about them pouring concrete, until I realized that it was a three part pour and it just dragged on for at least the last two weeks. First they poured the footings, then the stem walls, then a bunch of other stuff happened ( I should really have Sergio write this blog – he’s much more knowledgeable about what the hell is happening with the home build, haha)….

and finally today they poured the SLAB! Yay! On to the framing…


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